What are God’s Gifts?

Man walking in a lane of trees and sun rays.“Sometimes we are so caught up with waiting around for God to “do” something in our life that we don’t even notice when He does.

Have you ever wondered if God is really there?  Have you been waiting for a “sign” or  for something to change in your life?

I think so many of us are stuck waiting for something to happen that we often miss the little things that shows God is all around us.  I call these little things “God’s Gifts”.

What are some of these little gifts?  Well, I’ll share a few with you now.   And since I am a fan of bullet points, I’d just have to include those, too. 

* The sweet morning song of a sparrow.

* That time when your daily devotional is exactly the encouragement you need.

* The smell of the air before a thunderstorm hits.

* That amazing moment when you are discouraged about a specific issue and just then a song comes on the radio that gives you the specific hope you need.

* Those times when you cross paths with someone at just the right moment when they could use the blessing of your generosity.

* The joy from hearing a child’s laughter.

Some people call it nature.  Some people call it “coincidences”.  Some people call it good karma.  I call it God’s Gifts.  And that’s what this blog is about: seeing God everywhere in your life, realizing he hasn’t forgotten you, and knowing that he’s always showing you in little ways that he deeply loves you. 

Now, I’m not suggesting we try to fake a “happy-go-lucky-little-miss-Pollyanna” attitude and ignore the pain all around us.  Yes, we live in a terribly broken world.  Scripture tells us to not only “rejoice with those who rejoice” but also to “weep with those who weep”.  I don’t believe God is offended by our tears or even our shouts of anger.  The Psalms are filled with agonizing texts of a man in obvious despair and not afraid to question God why.   However, even in the midst of our sorrows I believe God wants us to see how he cares about even the littlest details and he is always showing us ways he cares.  Some people are missing out on the incredible joy life can bring because they can’t see past the incredible amount of pain and suffering around them.   

And so, I want to encourage you to look for the joys of life all around you.  A beautiful rose.  An inspiring piece of worship music.  A encouraging message from a friend.  Sometimes feeling satisfied with your life is not about having all you desires come true.  It’s about seeing God’s hand everywhere, and knowing He is there. 

With Love,


One thought on “What are God’s Gifts?

  1. Love this! Finding those gifts and making note of them really changed my life a few years ago. I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t been encouraged to look for the little things to be thankful for, at a time when all I could see was pain and uncertainty.

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