Telling My Story

Ever since I announced on my Social Media that I am writing a book about my #cult and #metoo story, I’ve recieved a lot of criticism. I’ve been told that I must not really be free, or that I haven’t really forgiven, or else I wouldn’t be so stuck in the past.

But here’s the thing, just because I write about my past doesn’t mean I’m stuck in it. I have unearthed, faced, fought, grieved, grown, forgiven, and healed through all the tough memories, and I continue to do so. It’s hard work. But even after the healing, the memories still exists, just as they should.

We live in a put up and shut up, turn the other cheek, forgive and forget society. But I don’t believe that’s at all what Jesus intended. Sin was never meant to be hidden and neither was our pain. Jesus came to speak TRUTH, to expose hypocrisy, and to redeem our pain! When Jesus redeems our pain, He gives us the ability to share both our ugly past, and His hope of healing for the future.

If a person has a story, it is THEIR story. They fought the bloody war, they wear the scars from it. We should support them if they have the courage to tell it. 💗

I just heard this song for the first time from fellow #metoo survivor Jessica Willis Fisher, and I’m balling my eyes out. I am my survivor and he is my history. I now have the freedom to take pen in hand, and write MY story. ::

🎵”history is written at the hands of those who win
the battle must be over for the writing to begin
take a piece of paper, open up a vein
the feather and the finger pulls against the grain

memory is fading even as I speak
I am not the child who turned the other cheek
power to the people throwing off the chains
love is all we wanted and only truth remains

you will be the lesson I wish I never learned
love will be the reason your reign was overturned

all my story now belongs to me
I will try to build a better life for me
no one else will know what I could see
I am my survivor and you will be my history” 🎵

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