Freedom Day 2018 — Part One

Three years ago today, I took my very first step out of the legalistic, patriarchal cult I had been imprisoned in for more than a decade.  With one terrifying leap of faith, I reached out to a professional for help and shared my story for the first time.  I was willing to consider that maybe, just maybe, I’d been lied to about my Christian faith all these years.

Maybe the Jesus I knew wasn’t actually Jesus at all.  Maybe life isn’t supposed be this way.  Maybe I’m not supposed to be constantly used by men.  Maybe I don’t have to earn God’s love.  Maybe I’m enough because of something that isn’t of my own doing.

December 15th is my Freedom Day.  I cannot believe where the last three years have taken me.  All I know is I have gone through a transformation like a butterfly and for the first time, I am beginning to experience what it is like to fly.

Walking in freedom is hard.  It is messy.  It is painful.  It can be terrifying.  But you know what?  It’s worth it — because above all else, freedom is incredibly beautiful and is the true heart and message of the Gospel.

Every “Freedom Day” I like to find a new way to celebrate.  This year I decided to do a double celebration with two exciting “firsts”.

First off, I had my first ever professional photo shoot done, complete with various props/symbols of my journey to grace.  See part TWO of this blog to see!

Second, I got my very first tattoo!! I choose it for I wanted a symbolic, daily reminder of where my hope lies!! 💗

It says: broken – beautiful – redeemed – enough

Each word is separated by a small heart. It tells my story:

“I was broken, but God saw me as beautiful.  He redeemed me through His unfailing love and because of that, I am, and have always been, enough.”

With Love,


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